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hank is home & cable bastards

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bastards. time warner cable. they're bastards. more on this in a moment.
hank is home! i picked him up on my lunch break today from the vet. he's better, but you'd never know it by looking at him. he's so thin, he's a shadow of his former little hank self... he continued to lose weight in the veterinary hospital, apparently, although they were able to get him through the mystery virus, as they did willie. he came home with copious medications and is much harder to pill than willie was. he's much faster; he's wiley. he is, after all, the brains of the outfit.
his ribs are showing, his spine is showing, he looks like he's about 2 months younger than he actually is, and taller than he should be for that specific age. when i left the vet, their parting words to me were "take that boy home and fatten him up."
fatten him up, i will. he ate like a piglet when i got him home, and drank like he hasn't had water in a week. i wondered for a minute if they had actually been giving him access to water. he's been on an IV for several days and only started drinking water from a bowl yesterday, but he's still a bit dehydrated; he had these weird, crusty dog boogers on his nostrils. gross. never seen a dog with boogers anywhere other than their eyes before.
he's also covered - and i do mean covered - in fleas, and that funky gritty "flea dirt" that comes with having an infestation of fleas. it's late, but we're about to hit the bathtub for a bath. good times. i hate to say this because i think i'm going to end up sounding like an opportunistic, hard-hearted bitch, but he'll be easier to bathe tonight than he will tomorrow, because he's still a little on the weak, shaky side, and he'll he stronger tomorrow. i'm going to hell for that.
time warner cable is the devil.
i have GOT to have roadrunner. i can't stand clearwire any longer. it might as well be dialup. hell, sometimes i think dialup is faster than clearwire, but i digress.
i love that to have time warner cable come out and install my highspeed i have to take an entire day off from work. why? because they can't tell you when the cable highspeed installation technician will show up. it's like a lottery. maybe he'll be there at the crack of dawn, and maybe he'll be there somewhere after 8pm. there's no tellin'. but boy howdy, you'd sure as hell better be home, or THEY'RE LEAVING. no calls, no note on the door, no SCREW YOU, LADY. nothing. so not only am i having to take a whole day off of work to wait on this jerk, i'm also landlocked in my house until he decides to arrive. nice that there's about a 12 hour window as to when he might or might not show up. i think these people probably start their work day sometime around 5pm and just like to screw with their customers by telling them they "could" show up around 8am.
whatever. they're probably still drunk at 8am. hell, they're probably still drunk at noon.

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