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hookworms & green apples

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explaination of the photo in a moment; first, the important news:
hank is just fine. he's still at the vet because dr. gudgel wanted to keep him over night to rehydrate him. fortunatly he doesn't have what willie had - he had a raging case of hookworms. gross. they'd leeched the blood from his gums, and that was the first thing the vet tech looked at when we went in this morning; his gums were nearly white.
it's still good i caught it when i did, which still seems like i could have caught it sooner if i hadn't thought he was avoiding food due to depression while willie was in the hospital. it's treatable and curable, and the doctor is sending medication home with hank tomorrow, and a full course for willie too, so he doesn't get it as well.
i am now dr. gudgel's endentured servant.
now for the photo: surprise! i have an apple tree in my back yard! i had no idea... i know that sounds dumb, but i swear, i don't think i've ever seen a real-live apple tree before; there aren't that many apple trees in central texas.
the fruit must have been tiny last time i was in the back yard, because i didn't see it. i only saw it on accident this morning; something bright green caught my eye, and my first thought was "horse apples", those bright green, bumpy seed pods, but on closer inspection i found that they're actual apples; bright green, immature apples.
i'm absolutely thrilled to have an apple tree in my back yard. free pie all summer long! free snacks! if i eat one a day, hopefully the doctor will stay away.
i wonder if dogs like apples...

willie, pining for hank, yet thrilled to be back home, rolling in the clover in the back yard.

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  1. Anonymous matt 

    Hookwords & Green Apples..... I swear there's a country song in there.......

    I'm so thrilled that the babies are ok. Man oh man.

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