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jewish penicillin & deliverance

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first, for matt: i got nuthin' but this for you!
as of today, i have officially been sick for TEN days.
as of today, i have officially been in my house for THREE days.
i am officially sick to death of theraflu, nyquil, dayquil, vick's vaporub, halls lozenges and kleenex tissues with aloe. damn kleenexes are making my nose break out.
today i went hardcore. today, i made homemade chicken soup.
let me assure you: this stuff kicks ass.
i'm actually feeling better. penicillin, indeed.
i can cross #2 off of my melista now; last night at about 11pm, "deliverance" was on cable. i watched it from opening credits to ending credits, barely able to pry my eyeballs off of the screen, what with all those hillbillies. those are some scary-ass crackers. and that weird kid who played dueling banjos with ronnie cox? DIOS MIO.
i did a little IMDb research on that banjo-playing freak from deliverance and found out his name is billy redden, and he is now a cook & dishwasher at a cafe in georgia. IMDb had this to say about billy redden:
"At the age of 16 this boy from Rabun County, Georgia, was the only "authentic" local to play the role of The Banjo Boy in John Boorman's disturbing hit movie Deliverance (1972). He was hand-picked from his local elementary school largely due to his "look" (his large head, skinny body, odd-shaped eyes and moronic grin had sadly branded him a poster-child for inbreeding and mental deficiency)."

man, i am still creeped out by that kid, not to mention that even though i previously "got the joke" about squealing like a pig without having seen the movie, now that i have seen it i not only get it, i want to get rid of it.
ned beatty in size-jumbo not-so-tighty-not-so-whiteys... burned into my frontal lobe.
i kept wanting to brush my teeth watching that movie. the choppers on those hillbillies... wow.
i'm making plans to NEVER visit appalacia.

I START MY NEW JOB TOMORROW! i am so excited i'm gonna wet my pants! i'm gonna go brush my teeth. again.

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