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the life of the party

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my neice gracie. a sleeping angel having a nap on my bed with pooh. she's sleeping in "the donut" :this ingenius donut-shaped pillow that she gets strapped into to keep her from rolling or scooting off of the bed. cool.
the party was this afternoon, and for the occasion, i bought these:

i love sunflowers, and i bought 10 stems for my dining room table centerpiece. the party was a good time. great food, sangria, and TAB! i love tab. when i was little, my mom used to drink tab by the case. i stocked up on tab for the party because i knew my mom would get a kick out of seeing her adult daughter's fridge full of tab. my mother, who eschews smoking and is a fervent anti-smoking proponent used to be a smoker. today at the party, she actually said "man, back in the 70's if you had a tab in one hand, and a virginia slim in the other, you had it goin' on."
it was a little disturbing for some reason. i don't remember growing up in a mobile home.
as i mentioned, my mother used to be a smoker; in 1977 she went to schick-shadel in dallas to quit smoking. schick-shadel used aversion therapy for their smoking cessation program (which they still offer, according to their website, as well as aversion therapy for vicodin, weed, oxy, and various and sundry other delicious illegal substances) utilizing tactics like electric shock every time she tried to take a drag off of her glamour-length virginia slim 120, and they actually made her EAT cigarette butts that she'd smoked. gag. barf. and barf she did.
she is now one of those ex-smoking nazis. but she sure loves her tab, and it brings back for her all those forbidden memories of being alive with pleasure, and washing it down with cold, refreshing carbonated saccharin.
gracie wore her posh frock to the party today and was this afternoon's hands-down attention getter. she has cut her first tooth! and the cool news is that AUNT LISSA MADE THE DISCOVERY! i am a hero right now, at least to me. we all knew she was about to cut a tooth, but i was the first one to feel that it had broken through her gums while i was feeding her, of all things, melted chocolate off of a chocolate covered cream puff. she is, after all, my neice. food aggressive + chocolate lover = my neice.
i am exhausted and woke up this morning feeling pretty crunchy. my sinuses are wacked-out or something; my soft palate feels swollen and somewhat inflamed and it hurts when i swallow. waaaah. i've got this weird, disturbingly productive cough, and grody things are coming out of my nose, which i've been blowing so much today it's probably just going to snap off of my head sometime this evening. i hate being sick. more specifically, i hate being around myself when i'm sick. i'm a baby. i whine a lot. i annoy even myself when i'm sick. i hope whatever it is is short lived because i can only stand myself for small doses of time when i'm like this, and i've already begun to wear on my very last nerve.

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