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my voice is back! sort of.

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i didn't talk at all yesterday.
well, a little.
not enough to count, really. the only time i spoke was when my blessed little time warner guy came out to install my roadrunner; i greeted him, he heard that my voice was barely there, and i croaked out "so i'm not going to be talking much" to which he said "no problem. you can just nod or shake your head". that works for me. i even improvised when offering him something cold to drink: i held up a coke next to a diet coke, and he took the coke with a thank you. when he said "all done!" and had gathered up all of his tools, i held up my checkbook, and he told me the total. i wrote the check, shook his hand, mouthed the words "thank you" and walked him to the door.
i think i might have spoken a grand total of twelve words yesterday. that's voice rest.
as a result, my voice is back! it's a little shaky, and sounds somewhat like i need to clear my throat, but i can talk. i'll be able to actually do my job today - for the last time! this is my last day in NT2 as a tech-support monkey. 6:30pm and i'm outta there.
i'm giving blood at 10:45 this morning, and i'm not really sure what got into me, volunteering to give blood; i have a pretty spotty track record when it comes to being able to walk away from the scene of a donation on my own two legs. i'm a fainter.
i have high hopes for today though. maybe i've outgrown the fainting thing. maybe when you turn 35 you don't pass out when having blood drawn anymore. i am strong. i am invinceable.
plus i get a tshirt and a squeezie. cool.

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