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no poison & my family

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from top, left to right: megen & kristen; dylan; gracie's first spaghetti;
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megen 5 months pregnant; megen, kristen & mom; kristen

dr. gudgel called me this morning with interesting, frightening news about hank, and about willie.
he'd been speaking to several other area veterinarians after one of them said he'd had several cases come in that looked like parvo, but all tested negative for the parvovirus.
one of the veterinarians had a case that looked like parvo, but tested negative, so he tested again. the second test was also negative, so he thought there might be something wrong with his testing; maybe it had become too warm at one point, rendering it no longer viable. the dog he was treating was clearly a parvo case, vomiting, diarrhea, weight loss, lethargy, weakness... all of the same symptoms that willie had displayed when i first took him to the vet. everyone in the vet clinic thought it had been parvo with willie, too, and he tested negative, twice.
this particular doctor was so convinced it was parvo that he continued treating the dog for parvo despite the negative tests, and unfortunately the dog died.
the other doctors in the veterinarian association had all explained that they'd had frighteningly similary experiences with dogs in the last week, and they'd all lost dogs to what they thought was parvo, but all had tested negative for parvo as well.
my doctor was the only one who hadn't lost a dog to this particular illness, and said he'd been treating two dogs from the same household with these exact symptoms, and he'd deduced that it had indeed not been parvo, but poisoning with the first dog, and the second dog from the household was now under his care for what first presented as hookworms, but since the hookworms were taken under control the dog was now presenting with the same symptoms as the first dog from the household.
he was speaking of my household. he was speaking of willie and hank.
the horrifying moral to the story is that there is either some serial dog-poisoner on the loose in temple, or there is a new, as-yet unknown viral strain affecting dogs in this area with symptoms that present as parvo, and are exacerbated by parvo medication and treatment.
the doctors are leaning towards the latter.
if you have a dog, and if that dog starts vomiting, or having diarrhea, or becomes lethargic and weak with a sudden, noticeable weight loss, get your dog to the vet post haste. have them tested at least twice for parvo; my understanding is that two similar test results are accurate.
hank will be in the animal hospital until at least tuesday as he started having diarrhea, never stopped vomiting, and lost more weight. the doctor again sounded a little grim on the phone this morning, and although he was excited about this discovery with the other doctors, he still couldn't make any promises to me that hank would survive it, but is hoping for the best as with willie, that he'll pull through.
i hope so. i sure miss hank. willie is pining for him like hank pined for willie when he was away. i am too.
i had a wonderful time with my whole family tonight. we all went out for dinner; mom, dad, me, megen, kristen, kirk, dylan & gracie. we shut the joint down. we're loud, we laugh a lot, we tend to make a mess; we're a force to be reckoned with, us mcgee clan. we had a good time. it was a precursor to tomorrow's outing: mother's day at cactus jack's. they won't know what hit 'em.

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  1. Anonymous sayra 

    i'm shocked by how grownup kristen and megen are.

    please wish your mom happy mother's day for me

  2. Anonymous melissa mcgee 

    thank you! and please do the same for your mommafrom me!!!

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