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planetdan, sand & june allyson bladder pads

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i suppose it's actually my own fault. however, being italian, a red-head and a woman, i am reluctant to admit guilt, so i'll blame it all on dan that i'm addicted to this. (see my sad, sad addiction below in all of it's embarassing glory.) it's all dan's fault. i'm completely addicted. i can't stop. i'm spiraling out of control. soon i'll be standing on the side of I-35 with a cardboard sign that reads "will work for highspeed internet" scrawled in cigar butt.

above? yes. falling sand. i made this. tonight. i made it because i am SO LAME. what's worse, and an even sadder commentary on my ultra-exciting life is that it was the THIRD one i made tonight. i'm such a loser i'm trying to figure out how to tell myself i'm not really into hanging out with me anymore.

dan has the funniest blog i think i've ever read. evar. i've been poring over his blog archives for the last few days. i've even been bookmarking where i've been leaving off so i'll know where to start when i'm online again. i haven't laughed outloud so much since i can't remember when, and i laughed so hard yesterday at one of his older posts that i'm pretty sure a little pee came out. don't tell anybody or june allyson will start harassing me again. bitch.
as i write this, i'm watching the series finale of will & grace. i'm ambivalent about it as of right now. haven't been watching it for the last couple of years, but really wanted to watch it tonight. still ambivalent.
as of tomorrow i have 1 week until i start in public safety. w00t! i'm so excited i could just weewee. and - i have memorial day off! bonanza. to celebrate, i'm going to buy a lawn mower. my neighbors will be thrilled.
on a completely unrelated note, i just saw some commercial, i think for kmart or something, with a guy walking out into the kitchen saying "dad's lost some weight!" and he's wearing a butter yellow cotton pique shirt, and kelly green jogging shorts - nay, daisy dukes, ala richard simmons and circa 1981. complete with rolled white piping. they're truly hideous. the commercial was fabulous.
UPDATE: will & grace is officially over. the finale was ginormously disappointing. there was one "shocker" that was truly heartwarming and sappy and well done. the other 57 minutes of the finale pretty much sucked donkey ones. besides, sean hayes, 50% of my favorite actors on the show, seemed to have been on quaaludes.

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