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pure d dookie

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is what i feel like.
whatever this is, i've been fighting it off for days. i got it last friday or saturday, was sick all day sunday & monday, felt tons better on tuesday, but had lost my voice completely; still no voice on wednesday and starting to feel rather crummy again, and it's been a steady decline towards feeling like dookie since. today i woke up with a horrific headache that i can't make go away. not even with coffee. not even with tylenol sinus. not even with dayquil, which in fairness, i just took about twenty minutes ago, but i still have complete faith that it will FAIL ME. i've been hearing all week long at work that whatever this is "has been going around", so at least i know i'm not typhoid mary. she never got sick. just passed it generously from one unsuspecting idiot to the next. no, i've got it. i'm gonna kill that damn typhoid mary if i don't croak from this.
here comes the hardcore whining: i have chills. i have a fever. i am sweaty and cold at the same time. it's 87 degrees at 10:58am, and i can't get warm. yes, i've taken a shower this morning which made me even colder, and knocked the sweat off of me for a few minutes. my throat feels live i've eaten something akin to broken glass & battery acid, and i cannot breath out of my nose. i've blown my nose so much i'm pretty sure one of my nostrils came off with the last blow. pretty.
happy effin memorial day weekend, everybody. the weather is gorgeous, not a cloud in the sky. i'm going to go spend it in bed with some vick's vaporub & honey-lemon theraflu.

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