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round two: this time it's hank

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my worries about hank were right; he's sick. he's not hemmorhaging like willie was, but he's completely refusing all food, he's become listless and lethargic, and he seems to have gotten downright skinny since yesterday. he is drinking, but very little, and very seldomy. the one bright spot in all of this is that the water he's drinking, when he does decide to drink, has pedialyte in it, which may be keeping diarrhea at bay. still, he's been vomiting since yesterday when i got home from work. just water and mucous.
my vet's office was closed by the time anyone ever got back to me, but an after-hours veterinarian called me and i explained the whole situation to him, and he suggested that since hank's not hemmorhaging and has no diarrhea, but has been vomiting and showing no desire to eat, to treat this as a severely upset stomach tonight by giving him 8cc of pepto bismol, allow him to drink water if he wants it, and bring him into the clinic tomorrow morning.
get thee behind me, satan.
if you've been praying for willie, well, as the bible says, "pray without ceasing". please keep hank in your prayers, also.
good news about willie; he's gotten his appetite back, and seems to be tolerating food pretty well in small portions. he's definitely got his strength back as he all but knocked me over when i let he and hank inside the house after going outside for a wee. i just gave him his evening pill, which is becoming increasingly more difficult; he's figured out the hotdog trick and found a way to foil my ruse. i've been slicing bits of hotdog about 2 inches long, inserting the pill, and he's been swallowing it whole, as he usually does with, well, most things. somehow he caught on, and has now started actually chewing the hotdog, finding the pill and spitting it on the floor. this leads to "willie, sit. willie, sit. willie, honey, sit for momma. willie, please sit. sit. sit. sit sit sit. sit! willie! get back here!" , and then hand-pilling him, which is no small feat just to get the pill into his mouth. making him swallow that pill is another comedy of errors altogether.
hank is resting right now, it seems comfortably, in willie's crate, nestled on top of a huge, stuffed fluffy, fuzzy dog pillow/stuffed animal. it's his favorite dog toy because he can sleep on it. i hope the pepto settles his tummy enough to make him hungry for a little food, and also enough so that he can have a good nights sleep tonight.

3 Responses to “round two: this time it's hank”

  1. Anonymous Samantha 

    I will definitely keep little Hank in my prayers. I've been saying prayers for Willie this whole time, too.

  2. Anonymous Jann F. 

    Oh...poor guys (and momma). I'll be sure to keep all three of you in my positive thoughts...

  3. Anonymous melissa mcgee 

    thank you samantha, i really appreciate it.

    jann, thank you also, so much; it means so much to me to know that my friends are keeping my 4-legged babies close to their hearts.

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