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sara, the lawn ranger & google calendar

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for sara: blogger can SUCK IT. i was getting full tilt boogie spammed by f*ers all over the place, so i turned on my damn "word verification" for comments, and ALL comments stopped altogether. crap. got your message on your blog today, turned off the word verification, and BLAM! ZIFF! WIFFLE! spam all over the place within - literally - minutes of having turned it off. blogger is a bitch. comments are enabled again although you might have to wade through spam for cialis, online poker and various & sundry vibrating "toys of ecstacy". sticky.
an example of a message that i just recieved, 5 times on separate posts - "I am smart auto posting. We are posting from auto machine." smart assholes.
my mother is having a party.
she's having it at my house. sunday.
the party is for a friend of hers who is a representative for arbonne swiss skin care, and she asked my mom to host the party; my mom gets really cool free crap, and i get to clean my damn house. floors, really. that's the bulk of my cleaning. if you've read my blog for any amount of time, you already know that i have 2300 square feet of hardwood floors* that are a royal bitch to sweep, sweep again, mop and gloss, three or four times. they look unbelievably beautiful when i actually do it, but i rarely do the whole routine, full tilt boogie. for a while there i was doing it nearly every time i booked a sitting in my studio; that grew tiresome BUT QUICK.
i have that to look forward to on sunday morning. i'm doing it the day of the party because there's just too great a chance they'll get a) barfed on b) peed on or c) crapped on by a white boxer, so i'm playing it close to the vest.
tomorrow, i have the lawn to look forward to. yes, i am mowing my lawn. i borrowed megen & kirk's lawn mower and weed whacker in lieu of buying my own yet, and will be up at the asscrack of dawn in the morning pissing off all of my neighbors, somewhere around 7am.
i've been trying to remember how long it's been since i actually mowed a yard. i think it was sometime back in the seventies. actually, it was about 4 years ago when my ex and i had a house about 4 blocks from where i live now; i mowed the damn lawn because if i didn't, it wouldn't get mowed, even though i was told over and over that it wasn't my job, and should be left to someone with more aptitude for yard mowing, like my ex. whatever. first of all, it ain't brain surgery; a monkey could do it. secondly, if i ever took an aptitude test that said i should be a yard mower, i'd shoot myself in the face. knock yourself out, ex. i hope you and your aptitude are very happy together. ps, i drove by a couple of weeks ago. the damn grass needs mowing. get on that.
i'm actually going to set my alarm clock for a saturday morning to mow the lawn. i feel sorta like a grownup.

i guess it's about time.

finally, i discovered this morning while checking my gmail that google has FINALLY added a calendar to their gmail offering; i've been waiting for it for some time now, and it's pretty darn nifty. it's very similar to the outlook calendar which i've lived by for years, but this one is online so i can access it anywhere without having to get into my outlook calendar via webmail, which is never the same as the real thing. i love it, and i'm excited about it. there's something very wrong and not just a little sad about a 35 year old woman who gets her jollies from hand-copying her calendar from outlook to gmail. between the calendar & the flaming zombies, i'm starting to worry that eharmony is going to start spamming me next.

*the only exceptions from hardwoods being the kitchen and both bathrooms, which are tile. also a bitch to clean.

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