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touch and go

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we're having lots of naps today.
it was a bit of a rough night last night, and i think it's my fault; i think i fed willie a bit too much, and gave him a little too much water due to my ignorance as to what's enough and what's too much. it's tough to have a hungry dog who gets sick from food. i'm a feeder by nature. my mom made me that way. that's what we do.
still, my best efforts to temper his illness with his "mom, i'm hungry" looks ended up making willie sick last night. he did take all of his medication, but ended up vomiting twice last night, mostly what he'd eaten, and a lot of mucous. since i'm a sympathetic vomiter, willie wasn't the only one nauseated... i never threw up, but gagged my way through both cleanups. trying to breathe through my nose and talk myself through it seemed to keep the barf at bay, but i was nearly blinded by the water in my eyes from gagging, and now i need to shave my legs again. that's the reason i always brush my teeth before i shower & shave my legs: brushing my teeth makes me gag, and gagging gives me goosebumps, and goosebumps ruin a good shave.
i ended up doing several loads of laundry last night as willie was, shall i say, creative with his fluids; he managed to vomit all over every inch of bedding in his crate, a throw rug, clean laundry and two pair of my shoes. and that was the first time he threw up.
the above photo is of my boys having a nap in willie's crate, laying in a sunbeam.
hank threw up a few times last night as well, mostly just water, and probably just due to the pedialyte in the water bowl. hank's a drinker and lapped up quite a bit of water. still, he seems to look a bit thin to me today, and he didn't eat his breakfast this morning, nor did he ever eat his dinner last night. i hope this isn't indicative of some sort of illness with him as well. to be safe, i called the vet and he'll be calling me back when he's out of surgery. i'm praying for psychosomatic symptoms with hank.
willie ate this morning and took both of his meds with minimal protest (he doesn't like the liquid, so that was a bit of a mess, and he spit up his pill three times before i finally tricked it into him hidden in a spoonful of peanut butter, which he eats right off of the spoon.) and the good news is that i think i fed him the right amount this morning because he kept it down, even after an almost-generous intake of water from the pedialyte-water bowl in the kitchen. i'm keeping it on the counter out of immediate reach of the boys; we have "water dates" together in the kitchen every once in a while for a family drink. i'm sticking to bottled water sans pedialyte, myself.
my comment feature hasn't been working for several days for some reason, but it seems to be back up and functional. thanks, blogger. you're always there for me. why must you torture me so?

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