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a vigil for a dog

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i think i'm keeping vigil for willie. i've been so depressed this weekend, and just listless. i miss willie so much. it's just not the same without him here with me and hank.

he's still in the vet, and his condition seems to have worsened since yesterday. i went to pick him up at the vet yesterday morning, but willie was too sick still to come home. he was having to recieve his antibiotics via injections because taking them orally made him vomit and lose more electrolytes. the vet said he's a good pill-taker; he opens his mouth and swallows his medication without protest, he just can't keep anything down, and he hasn't been able to keep any food or water down either.
the doctor called me today and told me he'd started willie on an IV and a catheter this afternoon. i was under the impression that he'd already been administered an IV, but he hadn't until today. apparently that's a pretty big deal for a dog, and they don't give a dog an IV unless it's absolutely necessary. he's been moved from the big kennels into the ICU. but that's a little bit of good news i think, because at least he'll be getting fluids that way, and that will make him a little stronger.
the doctor said he's continued to vomit bile and some blood which means he's still hemhorraging a little bit, and the doctor is going to xray him tomorrow to make sure there are no foreign articles in his tummy. he asked me today if he was a chewer, and i answered with "of course. he's a boxer, and he's a puppy." he's worried that there's something lodged in his intestine or elsewhere that willie might have ingested that's causing all of the damage, and if there is, he'll have to surgically remove it.
as far as a prognosis, he didn't give me one. i didn't ask for one either. i was too afraid to hear what he might have to say on the matter, and i didn't want to risk that it might not be a good prognosis. i'm not sure what all of this means; i'm so confused by all of this. willie was just fine, and then he was sick, and i feel like such a horrible dogmom for not having noticed any symptoms until it was too late.
poor hank is so depressed; he's still waking up from naps and running all over the house looking for his best friend. he's been sleeping in the bed with me at night, and today we took a nap together. he's considerably more calm than he is when willie is here, and i'm not sure how to take that. it's like his joy is gone, the joy he derived from spending time with his best friend, his playmate, his brother. i feel so sorry for little hank. he's been getting lots of extra cookies this weekend, and lots of rubs and scratches. he's been giving me lots of kisses in return.
this weekend especially, i'm glad dogs can't talk. what hank might have to say would break my heart even more.
please, whether you know me or not, please please say a prayer for willie. hank and i miss him something awful.

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