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vpn, sleepy & crackhead hookers

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what a day...
i had my first day on the new job today! it went well; as well as any first day on the new job cab be. i mean, i'm in the training phase, so i didn't exactly get a lot accomplished other than learning, but everybody was so nice and friendly and hospitible. really nice people in public safety.
got my work laptop today as well; brought it home tonight to vpn into the network at my office, but was frustratingly unable to do so... for some reason i wasn't able to make a connection to my wireless network. that'll stop you every time.
my new work schedule for the next few weeks is 7am - 3:30pm, and as excited as i was last night about my first day on my new job, i couldn't fall asleep last night... like a kid the night before christmas. I'M 35! needless to say, i'm pretty exhausted tonight and am about to go to bed.
this afternoon when i got off work though, i wanted to be able to take advantage of the available daylight since i am getting off work so much earlier than on my old schedule, so i toodled around town with my camera in tow, looking for inspiration.
i had always wanted to photograph the abandoned car wash located a few blocks from my neighborhood, in a little bit seedier part of town, so i drove to the carwash, parked and walked around snapping photos.

the wiles of the devil

brokelmeyer & bracken


pretty sure the old abandoned carwash is now an operational crackhouse or shooting gallery of some sort, as i was greeted about 5 minutes after i took this photo by a very rough looking working woman and her gentleman friend, both seemlingly LOADED on something. they were both moving a little as if they were in slow motion, and the man said to me "hey, that's a nice camera! lemme see that camera!" and came walking towards me. that's when i took off running to my car.
by the time i was safely in my car with the engine running, they were no where near me. i think they took SLOW POKE drugs. they were definitely walking my direction, and i was the only other visible person there (no telling if there were more people inside the carwash or not), but i made my safe getaway and drove my happy ass back to the safety of my house.
i don't enjoy being chased by crackheads and hookers on a tuesday afternoon.
more photos from today's adventure on the daily photo.

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