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a long night's day

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i got home from work at about 3:45 pm today after my second day on the new job - my trainer threw me right out of the fat and into the fire today, but i did pretty well. she was sitting with me the whole time so there was really nothing at all to worry about, but somehow i found something to worry about. i do that. but it wasn't so bad at all, actually very exciting. still have a long way to go before i'm cut loose and on my own, but i'll get there, no worries.

when i came home today, i did my normal stuff with the dogs, got online, answered email, ate a very early light supper, then at 6pm, i laid down on my bed to vegetate for a little while. i got a little sleepy and decided a quick nap was in order, and wouldn't hurt anything.

i woke up at 12:56am.

that's not a nap, melissa. for me, that's a night's sleep. come on, seriously? that's nearly seven hours. so now it's 1:36am, and i am WIDE AWAKE and not the slightest bit sleepy. can't imagine why.

i have to get up at 5am - that's like, in a few minutes or something.

sure, i'll be heading to starbucks this morning before work, like i do every workday of my life. but no quad espresso for me. i'm getting a six-shooter. i'm gonna need it.

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