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words i hate

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it all started when my friend sara used the word "belly" in her blog. i commented to her that it reminded me of a particular incident that occurred when we were in high school. commenting started me a'thinkin', and that led to the belly blog entry, which in turn elicited a comment from my friend matt, explaining to me that he LOVES the word belly, but does hate the words "tarmac" and "credenza".
i found this to be a stroke of kismet, as thursday after the belly blog entry, i started compiling a list of words i hate for various reasons. here they are:
flesh - it just bothers me.
slice - only in certain context, for instance when paired with flesh.
ooey gooey - for some reason, hearing someone else say this embarrasses me and makes me feel sorry for them.
jazzy - i always hear this spoken by somefat woman from michigan with a bad hairdo.
pizzazzy - same as above. also true that jazzy and pizzazzy cause me to feel himiliation for the person speaking them.
ooze - gross.
mash - when used as a verb. i prefer smash to mash any day.
kernel - GROSS!

masculinity - can't say it. masculinninny.
compote - doesn't sound as if it ought to be something edible.
loaf - i use it, but i don't like it. starbucks' pumpkin loaf is one of my favorite things in all of the world, but i feel a distinctive tinge of discomfort when having to order it.
maggot - makes my skin crawl just saying it. or hearing it. or reading it.
slacks - it's trousers.
oleo - just say margarine.
algae - reminds me of snot.
phlegm - speaking of snot... what an unattractive word.
moist - unless referring to cake or chicken, i make a point to steer clear of the word moist.

what are some of the words you hate?

2 Responses to “words i hate”

  1. Anonymous sayra 

    yeah, moist, discharge, panties (i'm writing quite the sentence here), porpoise, mature (esp. when peple say 'mah-too-er'), blouse, slacks, topping, nipper, grease (like "grease a pan"),

    words i love? chicken, booger, poop, dang, dag, dumbass, pecker, f**k (drawn out though; 'f********ck'), fart, neato (i think adam won my heart permanently the first time he said neato; it;s still makes me smaile when i hear him say it in my head), bummer, awesome, rad, cupola, addled, toddled, waddle (pretty much anything with "-ddle" on the end, i like)

  2. Anonymous sayra 

    "don't mash on it!" and yeah, compote, bleeagh.

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